Hope through sports

A sports and physical education project
Kids Soccer Penalty Kick

We are using the benefits of physical education to help children from homeless or needy families.

Many of the youngsters we know are highly talented or they really love sports. A ball can be a miracle for them in the toughest moments of their life, helping them to move forward and remain children.

Through sports we want to reduce the stress level the children are facing every day due to poverty, homelessness or abuse. Do not be mistaken, do not believe they don’t care or they don’t know. They do! More often, the burdens are too big for a little human being, too heavy to be carried.

Through sports we can help them to live a healthy life, to learn self-discipline, to manage their emotions or to overcome their addiction. They have a valuable alternative in which to invest their time and energy and they can build lifelong friendships, developing a sense of ownership and personal worth.

This programme also aims to identify and promote new talents, placing the first brick for future successful careers. Some of the best athletes of our country did not come from wealthy families. Quite the reverse, and when the parents have no money the fees for sports events cannot be paid and the children are not likely to be selected for the team.

Dana, our trainer, is the best teacher anyone could hope for. The youngsters know when they are loved, and they respond to it. Dana is also the biggest football (soccer) fan we know… As you can imagine, a pretty good combination!