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We hope and pray for a new project that will offer our beneficiaries the chance of a new beginning.

 This project will include:

  • A day care centre – that will be dealing with the most urgent needs, also the place where these people will be socially evaluated so that we will have a personalized approach, based on their specific needs.
  • A residential centre  – the second step of our intervention. Most probably, this stage will involve a community formed by metal containers that will be converted in social houses. This community will have also a chapel, counselling rooms, shower, a medical facility and classrooms.
  • A social economy structure (a farm, a small factory, etc. – where the people will get the chance to earn their living in a decent way, from the moments they are being accepted in the program.
  • A post-intervention program, aiming to monitor our beneficiaries’ evolution – after they will leave the centre, to be on their own, encouraging them to integrate in the church and society.

Yes, this is a big dream, but we are realistic and we understand that the process of making any good thing it takes time. The building process of any castle can start only by digging a hole, setting up a strong foundation and then with the first brick. More bricks will mean a castle that is closer of being done.

 We believe that God will send the right people to partner with us in this ministry.

 Can you also bring one brick?